22. June 2023


BIG BΔCTERIA – under this EU-patented name, Sabine Kacunko has been documenting the microbially induced transformation processes in their application to art and cultural heritage, health and society as well as to analogue and digital ecosystems since 2003.

Bacteria stand for animated materiality and ubiquitous diversity. Through their upscaling using the best recording and display technologies, they emerge in our consciousness as BIG BΔCTERIA under artistic direction: as the oldest, most numerous, smallest and structurally simplest organisms, they become vivid models for diversity and multifacetedness as well as for intelligent and environmentally friendly coexistence. This will also become an inspiration for future living concepts.

Heritage Carpet Special Edition for miinu is inspired by the natural heritage of bacteria and the cultural heritage of knotting and weaving: the origin of the unusual shape of the HYPOGEA (silk, Tibetan wool, linen, nettle) carpet is the substructure (hypogeum) of the Colosseum in Rome. The artist Sabine Kacunko took bacterial samples from the Colosseum and created from her microscopic images the template for this high-quality, handmade carpet relief with its different pile heights and complex color and shape patterns.

C.O.D.E. – Carpet On Demand Edition

Templates for the individual carpet designs can be created from site-specific microscopic images. Each template created thus represents the unique “signature” of the place where the associated carpet is materialized.

A selection of Kacunko’s BIG BΔCTERIA images is presented on a high-end display from the Samsung SMART Signage QMR / QMT series, thus demonstrating the entire color and shape spectrum of bacteria in ultra-high resolution. They appear as blueprints for re-materializations in home design.




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