S Miinu 16 HomelikeX total eclipse View01 edit 01
S Miinu 16 HomelikeX total eclipse View01 edit 01

27. April 2023

Novelties 2023

Welcome to miinu®
Homelike X, Homelike Up, Homelike squared Up & Whoop!
Dive in the subtle-three-colored under-fiber-landscape of infinity.
Our HOMELIKE X shines in the colors toffee, turbulence, total eclipse, and fango.
Highly regarded is the HOMELIKE UP by everyone who appreciates shiny rugs with depth, give it UP for cloudburst, adobe, cinder, camel, nirwana, capri breeze, snow flake, slate, espresso and rock ridge.
Last but not least, the eye-catcher for the third eye, which senses that the rug wants to feel us in all our human kind, the HOMELIKE SQUARED UP shines in a new sparkle and in six colors: dark shadow, silver gun, metallica, wood smoke, mirage gray and irish cream.

That was intentional!
Whether top and bottom or on the sides, your eyes were seeing colorful stars even before the next turn. With all their options of combination, the fibers can write that nicely on their own fibers. There‘s brouhaha on the dancefloor. Our WHOOP stands out, in the colors lime punch, blue surf, aqua sea and deep water.

Completing our update is a completely new LIVEGRID set.
100% hand-woven bamboo silk. Ideal, warm and peppy antithesis to purist furniture and straight, cold angles. Looks glamorously used and has experienced what to tell well to a colorful plate. The samples board your boxes in eight colors: harbour mist, raven, martini olive, botanical garden, oat, zinc, amaranth and storm blue.

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