Neolo Pro Super Loop

ID 4482 Neolo Pro Super Loop silver

Neolo Pro Velvet

ID 4463 Neolo Pro Velvet angora

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Our new additions

ID 4693 Keenshot ivory 200 x 300 cm


So soft every cloud will turn green with envy, developed in a secret laboratory for maximum well-being. Each foot will lose itself in the center of this silky well-being, while the heart cheers with joy. Your foot flatterer for an unforgettable get up! Innovative high/low design in one hundred percent bamboo silk, available in over 50 colors and made in Europe.


Our first "All in All". A harmonious unity of design and color gradient with the extra pinch of uniqueness. Fringes and curved shapes help this highlight of the collection to create the perfect harmony gradient. Available in over 60 colors, born in Europe and at home in the world. So glamorous, leaves any Hollywood star in the shadows.

ID 4690 unCommons iguana 200 x 300 cm
ID 3873 Whoop aqua sea 250x350 1


There‘s brouhaha on the dancefloor. With 100% colorful polyester we really bring the color into the game here. If you've always been really shaggy and crazy, or you've always wanted to be, all you need is a whoop for the final realization. For the very crazy even color-combinable with each other.

Homelike X

Very lush feel, haptically gigantic, generous comfort. If the shiny, single-color polyester garden of our classic is not enough, reach for the X. Higher, thicker, more multicolored combinable with each other. All in All: More powerful, but without losing the basic feeling.

ID 3852 Homelike X total eclipse 250x350 1
ID 3830 Homelike squared Up dark shadow 250x350 1

squared Up

No fluff, no static charge, and easy maintenance thanks to 100% polyes- ter in the pile material. The shimmering look makes it lively, a classic of the collection. If you want the solid color variant, feel free to switch to Homelike UP.

Homelike Up

No fluff, no static charge, easy to care for: 100% plain-colored polyester in pile material. The shimmering look makes it lively and a classic of the collection. Either as high pile in Homelike UP or with a mélange as Homelike Squared UP.

ID 3852 Homelike X total eclipse 250x350 1

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Neolo Pro Super Loop
Neolo Pro Velvet
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