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Weil you go down well with every gradient of yours



Hello, you one of 50 colors, in which direction do you want to get lost? You can choose freely, just like your shape: Anything goes, from round to semicircular to square or as a quarter circle with fringes. Because you just come up with each of your color gradients well.

The sample piece has a size of 30 x 30 cm.

Other color variants

Gradient, degrade. Call it what you want. Made from 100% Tencel, which is sustainably produced from 100% cellulose, DeViant displays a unique shimmering, soft, elegant character. In addition to the 10 color gradients already designed in the collection, it is also possible to create your own gradient ideas. You can choose freely from a total of almost 50 colors on request. We recommend 4-6 colors in combination. More color gradients are offered by the Refinery edition. After determining the colors, you will immediately receive an exact price.




Total height

13 mm

Custom color

On request

Custom size


Custom design


Max. width

9 m

Max. length

15 m


3 of 3

Delivery time

5 (Express) – 8 (Standard) weeks


Invisible bound edges

Stain protection


Operational areas

Living room, Bedroom, Dining room, Wall-to-wall, Contract



The right care for your miinu rug: care instructions.


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