Visia | Outdoor Invasion

Braided High Class with weather equality


Flat and plane and just for that reason the resistant task force for the danger areas dining area, hallway and outdoor in general. With them everything is possible, even more colors!

The sample piece has a size of 30 x 30 cm.

Other color variants

Individu- ally braided by hand, sewn together and suitable for outdoor use. Please note: Like all outdoor products, carpets also need care. Clean the carpet regularly, e.g. with a garden hose and remove dirt and deposits. Persistent moisture under the carpet can lead to moss and mildew. Visia is also at home indoors: popular in dirt-prone areas such as corridors, entrances, or dining areas. Colors are freely interchangeable within the RoomCartoon, Visia, AeroOne, and YourTech product family. In addition to the colors of the collection, you receive a total of almost 50 additional colors on request.





Total height

5 mm

Custom color

On request

Custom shape

Yes, with special taping

Custom size


Custom design


Max. width

4 m

Max. length

15 m


2 of 3

Delivery time

8 (Express) – 12 (Standard) Wochen


Selvedges at top and bottom

Stain protection


Operational areas

Living room, Bedroom, Dining room, Contract, Outdoor



The right care for your miinu rug: care instructions.


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