22. April 2024

Outdoor Invasion

The sky is slowly letting the sun’s rays shine through more and more often. We’re ready for the warm days & some rugs from our collection in particular, as the outdoor season gets rolling. The perfect time for those who feel most at home in the fresh air. All our AeroOnes, Kois, RoomCartoons, Vizoomys and Visias are already dreaming of making themselves at home.

So that everyone can enjoy as much good weather as possible, we are even gifting you the 10% express charge for outdoor orders until the end of April! Then you’ll have the fine outdoor products with you in 8 weeks, just in time for the summer season.

And for those who can’t wait and want to take full advantage of the spring fever, we still have a few pieces of Koi & Vizoomy in the standard sizes 200×300, 250×350, 300×400 in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. (while stocks last)

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