22. April 2024

What’s going on here?

we ask ourselves when we enter our headquarters on miinu Wednesday morning and suddenly some beings meet in our climes. We could hear something about colorful eggs, but we didn’t want to disturb any further. We were able to determine: the spectacle should probably be over again next Tuesday.

Then it’s back to colorful rugs. Because you can never have enough rugs. Countless uniqueness and individual souls hidden in the smallest miinu rug fibers. On Monday, April 8th, we will go into detail and show you what miinu and our jewelry are capable of. A training course at the start of the week right in the heart of the Ruhr area at miinu. Do we need more arguments? Probably not, but here are a few:

After that, you’ll know…

… more about our rugs than they themselves could only guess about themselves,

… that miinu can do everything that is possible,

… that food at our place tastes extra delicious,

… why rugs are not just rugs, but have much more in them,

… why what floats with us, floats with us so much,

… What makes a miinu so special.

So click on the link, register & experience miinu up close.


Happy Easter and until 08.04. at our headquarters!

Further training dates this year:

08th Jul ’24


23.Sep ’24


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