8. January 2024

Still rugs run deep!

For so many years our Satellite Seven 4.1 and the Satellite Seven 4.1 design are part of our collection, but its diversity is largely unknown and its possibilities remain unused.

Today we change things and show you some designs that you have created together with us. Whether organic shapes, diamonds, sketches, color gradients or your very personal design, we bring your visions into reality.

This shimmering, soft rug has a fulfillment rate that will make the dust of any fairy green with envy.

After all, here not only color, but also design and measurement use their free choice. Plus: Here the hands still tufts by itself! Made from 100% Tencel, which is made from 100% cellulose and is therefore also sustainable.

With standard 12 weeks delivery time for your individual design, Satellite Seven 4.1 offers a wide range of possibilities. In addition to the available uni colors, any size, any design, any color, in other words: everything is possible. Well, at least almost everything. Shimmering, soft, elegant character.

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